Sunday, February 8, 2015

Dockerize hystrix dashboard & turbine

i'm pretty surprise that there are no docker image for either hystrix dashboard or turbine on docker hub.  and i build one.  to run hystrix dashboard with turbine

docker run -d --name=turbine -p 8000 -e TURBINE_STREAMS="" arthurtsang/docker-hystrix-turbine
docker run -d --name=dashboard --link turbine:turbine -p 7979:8080 arthurtsang/docker-hystrix-dashboard

where TURBINE_STREAMS points to all msvc implements hystrix sse (server side event)

the turbine container will link to the dashboard container (and since we don't need to access the turbine directly, it's mapped to a random high number port on the host os).

to use, access http://localhost:7979 and enter http://turbine:8000/turbine/  (... maybe i should export port 80 on turbine instead)

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